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Sport Club “Vympel”(Pennant) was founded 1968 in Moscow (USSR). First ice hockey team was organised in 1972. Ice hockey is perhaps the most popular game in Russia and HC “Vympel” soon became very popular in the district of Moscow named “Levoberezhny” (Left Side of the Rivere).

HC «Vympel» was one of the first participants and the winner of the traditional children's tournament ”Zolotaya Shaiba”(Golden Puck) organized by the legendary hockey coach Anatoly Tarasov.

Now HC “Vympel” is among strongest hockey team on the North of Moscow. Team is playing ice hockey during winter and inline(roller) hockey on summer.

Last year, 2015 and year 2016 were very successful for the team U13.

In February 2016 the team took 4th place in LII Moscow city tournament on ice hockey "Golden Puck - 2016" among more than 100 teams of their U13 age.

In 2015 HC “Vympel” took 3rd place in the Moscow Open Inline Hockey Championship, the second place in the Moscow Mayor's Cup inline hockey tournament and the second place in the Russian Open Championship where the team won the right to participate in U13 Pee Wee European Cup 2016 in Kaarst (Germany).

This is the first international tournament for our team, but we will try to perform successfully in the European Cup and in the future we will try to participate in international competitions on a regular basis.